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Spring Awakening-


My most recent project, and my journey as the Costume Designer, has moved in ways I never would have predicted. Originally set for April 2020, we had begun the process to start building costumes, when the school, and eventully the entire state, was given the order to move to online learning in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We were later told that the production could not be put on in the same capacity under the current circumstances, and would be postponed indefinitely. The biggest role of my design career, and the rest of my college experience, was thrown into chaos. But, in the emotional uncertainty, I thought to myself "How can I persevere and make this work?" and a fire flared in me that was determined to not let this break my spirit. With the blessing of the director that all of my designs would be kept in, and the invitation of all the cast and designers to return when/if the production continues, I have sworn to see my work come to fruition as intended, and take the future in whatever form it takes.

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